[Invited talks marked with an asterisk (*)]

March 2021
*Low focus movement in Romance
Abralin ao vivo. Video available on YouTube:

December 2020
*Evidence of low focus movement in Romance
Séminaire de linguistique. Université de Nice.

December 2020
*So far yet so close: Comparing Northern Italian and Asian Wh-in-Situ
Syntax Silk Road: Meetings in Cartography. University of Beijing and University of Padua. Video available on YouTube:

May 2020
*Phi-features in T or C: on ‘number’ clitics
Séminaire de linguistique. Université de Genève.

November 2019
Towards a typology of insituness in Northern Italian dialects (and beyond)
The 19th international conference of the department of linguistics. Workshop: Syntactic variation in Romance. University of Bucharest.

November 2019
*The fine structure of Romance it-clefts: a challenging research field
Anglia Ruskin – Cambridge Romance Linguistics Seminars.

May 2019
*On Wh-to-Foc and its consequences for Northern Italian wh-in situ
WEBinar. Università degli Studi di Padova.

May 2019
Northern Italian subject-clitic inversion in the theory of Wh-to-Foc
8th CamCoS meeting. University of Cambridge.

March 2019
*On Wh-to-Foc and its theoretical consequences
Anglia Ruskin – Cambridge Romance Linguistics Seminars. University of Cambridge.

February 2019
*Notes on focus movement of clause-internal wh-phrases
Unbound Seminars in Formal Linguistics (USiFLS). Université de Genève.

February 2019
Towards a typology of wh-in situ in Northern Italian dialects: on Wh-to-Foc and its theoretical consequences.
Incontro di Grammatica Generativa (IGG 45). Università degli Studi di Padova.

October 2018
Northern Italian ‘insituness’: Derivation(s)
RISQ, Recent Issues in the Syntax of Questions. Konstanz Universität. Handout: here.

June 2018
Arguing against a one-fits-all derivation for Romance ‘insituness’
TEAm, Theoretical and Empirical Approaches to Micro-Variation. Università degli studi di Padova. Handout: here.

May 2018
*Insituness in Northern Italian Dialects: argumental, IP-internal or left peripheral?
Seminario di Ricerca. Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia. Handout: here.

Jan 2018
*Rethinking Insituness in Northern Italian Dialects
Geneva WH-orkshop on Optional Insituness (GenWH 2018). Handout: here.

Dec 2017
(Low) Wh-Projections and Clitic Resumption
Going Romance 31 (GR 31). Bucharest University. Handout: here.

Nov 2017
*On non in situ ‘in situ’ wh-phrases
MicroWRD, Micro Workshop in Romance Dialectology. Université de Genève.

Nov 2017
*Different Languages, Similar Peripheries, Different Focal Positions?
Séminaire de recherche. Université de Genève. Handout: here.

Oct 2017
On (very) low Wh-Positions
WOLP17, Word Order in the Left Periphery. University of Oslo. Slides: here.

Sept 2017
Why-in-situ in Northern Italian Dialects
50th SLE meeting. Zürich Universität. With Ur Shlonsky. Handout: here.

Sept 2017
On low(er) wh-positions in Trevigiano and the in situ-ex situ alternation
2ème Journée du Réseau thématique Langage & Communication. Université de Genève. Poster: here.

May 2017
On (very) low wh-positions in Trevigiano
UZH, 61st Student’s Conference For Linguistics. Zürich Universität.

May 2017
On in situ ‘why’ in Trevigiano
RI17, Romance Interrogatives. Konstanz Universität. Slides: here.

Sept 2016
Wh-elements ‘in situ’
1ère Journée du Réseau thématique Langage & Communication. Université de Genève. With Lucas Tual.

Jul 2016
*Interrogative Sentences in French – Syntax and Prosody
1st SynCart Workshop. Chiusi, Italy. With Lucas Tual. Slides: here.

Dec 2015
The Syntax of optional wh-in situ
CUSO winter school. Macolin.