Published & unpublished works

PhD dissertation

On clause-internally moved wh-phrases. Wh-to-Foc, nominative clitics, and the theory of Northern Italian wh-in situ.
Université de Genève (Switzerland). Available here.

Articles in journals

On (Very) Low Wh-Projections. The Case of Trevigiano
In G. Samo, K. Martini & G. Bocci (eds.) Proceedings of the 1st SynCart Meeting – Chiusi, Italy, July 2016. GG@G (Generative Grammar in Geneva). Special Issue. Available here.

Sé or c’est? On the Cartography of Clefts
In C. Bonan, H. Jivanyan & M. Pallottino (eds.) GG@G (Generative Grammar in Geneva), Vol. 10: 131-151. doi:10.13097/cjg3-tfud. Available here.

Arguing against a one-fits-all derivation for Northern Italian ‘insituness’
In J. Garzonio (ed.) Quaderni di lavoro ASIt, Vol. 20: 49-76. ISSN: 1828-2326. Available here.

Edited volumes

GG@G (Generative Grammar in Geneva). Vol. 10.
With H. Jivanyan & M. Pallottino. ISSN 2504-4435. Available here.


The core Grammar of Guadeloupean Creole: A descriptive and comparative Approach. Unpublished MA’s thesis. Università Ca’ Foscari Venezia. Defended on June 24th, 2013. Available here.